10 Best Juicing Recipes for Beginners That Make You Start Juicing


If I say that juices are an excellent source of nutrition, no one can deny this fact.

Though juices have numerous benefits, people still have some doubts on juicing diets.

People often carried away with fruits because fruit juices create a concentrated source of sugar. Some juicers remove fiber and pulp that speeds up the delivery of fructose and glucose.

It is true that juice of bananas, papaya, mango, pineapple, and carrots are full of sugar. These sugar treats can increase the level of your blood sugar.


It doesn’t mean to stop drinking juices.

Well, your juice can be healthy, but you have to understand the nature of vegetables and fruits to combine them.

The Best Juicing Recipes for Beginners can be a good start for you.

All vegetables and fruits are good for your health, and you can follow rainbow principle to add colors in your juice.

Being a big fan of juicing, I always recommend others to drink juices because juices ensure to get your required servings of vegetables and fruits.

There are no specific rules to follow, but here are some guidelines for you:

Greens are Better Than Fruits

Most of the newbies make a common mistake by adding maximum fruits so follow 80/20 principle for juicing.

It means you have to add almost 80 percent vegetables and 20 percent fruits in juice.

Keep it in mind that you have to make your juice palatable. Some low-sugar fruits, such as grapefruit and lemon are sour.

You have to understand the right combination of vegetables and fruits that work together.

This combination serves as the best juicing recipes for beginners.

Leafy Green Vegetables to Detox Your Body

A delicious blend of leafy greens plays an important role to detox your body. You can directly process the following ingredients:

  • Four spinach leaves
  • One large kale leaf
  • One cucumber
  • An apple
  • A small carrot
  • ½ peeled lemon

Blend all these ingredients in your blender and enjoy this delicious drink.

Enjoy a Twist of Pineapple and Cucumber

If you want to enjoy the juicy and sweet profile of pineapple, it is essential to combine it with strong vegetables. You can blend:

  • Chopped pineapples: 1 cup
  • Green Apple: 1 medium
  • Cucumber: ½
  • Cilantro: ½ bunch
  • Kale: 6 leaves with their stems.

Blend all ingredients in a blender and enjoy a delicious glass of juice.

Apple and Lemon Juice for Breakfast

Apple is an excellent juicing ingredient because of their sweet flavors. You can add lemon in apple juice to give a citrus kick. You can make a delicious blend of:

  • Apples: 2 medium
  • Lemon: 1 peeled
  • Celery: 3 stalks
  • Carrots: 2 large
  • Parsley: 5 stems

Enjoy this delicious juice in breakfast and get instant energy for your whole day. This recipe is one of the simple juicing recipes for weight loss.

Powerful Spinach and Ginger Blend

Spinach is a great vegetable, and its benefits are demonstrated in a dramatic way by Popeye the Sailor Man. You can add spinach to your recipes to maximize their benefits. To create delicious juice blend, you have to process

  • Fresh baby spinach: 6 cups
  • Romaine lettuce: 8 leaves
  • Ginger: 1 small chunk

Blend all these ingredients in your blender and get the advantage of this juice in the morning.

Powerful Sweet Blend with Green Leaves

You can blend sweet fruits and green vegetables together to make a powerful combination. Just combine:

  • Spinach: 6 cups
  • Apples: 2 medium
  • Lemons: 2 peeled
  • Oranges: 2 peeled
  • Ginger: a small chunk

Blend all these ingredients in your blender to get an irresistibly sweet taste of fruits and greens. It is one of the simple juicing recipes for beginners.

Energy Booster for Morning

If you want to increase the function and efficiency of your body in the morning, you can make a perfect blend in the morning. Process these ingredients in your blender:

  • Red apple: 1 large
  • Beet: 1 medium
  • Celery stalks: a few
  • Whole lime: 1

Simply blend these ingredients and enjoy tangy flavor of this great combination.

Powerful Flavors of Strawberries and Mint

You can combine numerous powerful fruits and vegetables in a glass. To make this energetic blend, you will need:

  • Kale leaves: 6 large
  • Spinach: 1 cup
  • Strawberries: 12
  • Green apples: 2
  • Whole Lime: 1
  • Fresh mint: 1 handful     

If you are looking for healthy juicing recipes for kids, this recipe can be a good choice for you.

Delicious Juice for Children

This delicious purple drink is healthy for children, and they will like its sweet flavor and color. You will need the following ingredients for this blend:

  • Cored Apple: 1 small
  • Beet: 1 cup
  • Carrots: 4

Combine these ingredients in your blender and serve with ice to enhance its taste.

Tangerine and Pineapple Juice

If your family is not ready to eat vegetables, you can try this recipe to provide them necessary nutrition. You can create this blend with:

  • Pineapple chunks: 1 cup
  • Spinach: 6 cups
  • Celery stalk: 1
  • Peeled Tangerine: 1 large

Blend all these ingredients in your blender and chill for almost one hour before serving with ice.

Discover the Magic of Ginger

This recipe is perfect for soda addicts because ginger and parsnips offer a magical flavor. You can blend these ingredients in your blender:

  • Ginger: 1-inch thick slice
  • Parsnips: 2 medium
  • Cored pears: 2 medium

After making this blend, pour it into four serving glasses and add almost 4 ounces carbonated water in each glass for signature fizziness.

Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables in Juices

By drinking healthy blends of vegetables and fruits, you can notice following improvements in your health:

Eye Health with Blackberry, Kiwi, and Apple

All these fruits are excellent for your eye health. Apples have vitamin A, blackberries and Kiwis contain vitamins A, E, and C. All these vitamins play a significant role in keeping your eyes healthy.

Cranberries, Grapes, and Pears Are Great to Boost Antioxidant

The combination of these fruits proves healthy to fill your body with antioxidants. All these fruits have antioxidants to ward off the damage from free radicals. These are right to treat high LDL cholesterol and build-up of plaque.

Improve Your Heart Health with Spinach, Beets, and Carrots

Beets are excellent for your heart and blood because these are loaded with vitamin C, potassium and iron. Spinach and carrots are high in vitamin A. These minerals and vitamins are good for your blood and heart health.

Avocado and Oranges Can Protect Your Heart and Brain

As per Disease Control & Prevention Center, the folate is essential for a newborn child. Folate can decrease the risk of a woman to give birth to a child with brain and spinal cord defects. It proves helpful to produce red blood cells and maintains your heart health. To increase folate in your body, you can increase the consumption of guava, avocado, and orange.

Boost Immune System with Strawberry, Grapefruit, and Orange

All these fruits are a powerhouse of vitamin C, and their juice can boost the immune system of your body. With better immune system, your body can fight off numerous viruses. This delicious combination can treat your sore throat.

Cucumber and Ginger for Gastrointestinal Health

Leafy greens, such as spinach and kale work well with cucumbers because these are loaded with fiber. Fiber is imperative to avoid constipation and maintain gastrointestinal health. Ginger can add delicious flavor in this blend and proves good to aid in digestion.

Tomato and Grapefruit to Prevent Cancer

Watermelon, tomato, and grapefruit have a good amount of lycopene. As per Cancer Society of America, lycopene is beneficial to prevent and treat skin, bladder, stomach, lung and prostate cancer.

Watermelon, Pineapple, and Cantaloupe for Skin Health

All these fruits have vitamin C and A. This special combination works well to improve the overall health of your skin and give a vibrant glow. The water content of watermelon keeps you full with fewer calories.

Apple, Pear, and Broccoli for Tooth and Bone Health

Broccoli is an excellent source of calcium that is important for your tooth and bone health. Calcium is essential to manage the proper functioning of muscles, nerves, and heart. You can quickly consume raw apples and pears because of their sweetness. Cruciferous broccoli is good to blend with pear and apple.

Parsley, Spinach, and Kiwi for Bone Health

Your bones require a good source of vitamin K to absorb calcium and parsley; spinach and kiwi are good for vitamin K. It is an essential component for your heart and blood clotting. You can follow simple juicing recipes for beginners to make delicious blends.

Types of Juicers and Blenders

There are different types of juicers and juice extractors. Each juicer has its benefits and drawbacks:

Masticating Juicers

Masticating juicers use a screw-type auger to chew, crush and grind fruits, leafy greens and vegetables.

It distributes pulp and juice into different containers.

This juicer can do a better job to juice vegetable and leafy greens.

These types of juicers work well for a longer period, such as ten years.

You can use these juicers to make banana ice cream, pasta, baby food, sauces, and nut butter.


These juicers have small mouths and require your extra time to chop and cut vegetables and fruits while juicing.

It takes extra time to make juices.

These juicers have more parts and require longer to clean after juicing.

Wheatgrass Juicers

This juicer is specifically designed to juice wheatgrass. Masticating and Centrifugal juicers are not good to extract juices from grasses. Wheatgrass juicers are mainly designed for all types of grasses.


A manual juicer takes longer to juice out wheatgrass. It is tiring to extract juice for more than two people.

You can invest in electric wheatgrass juicer, but it may not help to extract juice from other vegetables.

Centrifugal Juicers

These are a common type of juicers that are available in numerous departmental stores.

They may have cylindrical or upright shape.

These juicers can extract juice from vegetables and fruits by grating them into small pieces and use a filter to spin juice from pulp at grease speeds. It works similar to a salad spinner.

This juicer is faster to make juice and have a larger mouth to save your time.

There is no need to waste time on chopping before juicing vegetables and fruits.

These are easy to clean as compared to other juicers.

You can find many centrifugal juicers on the market within your budget.


These juicers may not work well for leafy greens. If you want to extract the juice of leafy greens, you can consider masticating juicers.

These are not efficient to extract juice from fruit or vegetable pulp.

These can produce foamy juice and increase the speed of oxidation.

Final Verdict

If you want to follow a healthy lifestyle, you should increase consumption of fruits and vegetables in your diet. You can follow the Best Juicing Recipes for Beginners to combine different fruits and vegetables.

If you have a healthy stomach, it will be good to blend vegetables and fruits to drink their all parts.

You can experiment the combination of different fruits and vegetables to make them toothsome.  

Vegetables and fruit blends are easy to digest and absorb in your body.

A homemade juice is better than store bought juices because it retains all essential vitamins and minerals. Homemade juices and blends will be free from added preservatives and sugars found in commercial brands.

If you are trying to reduce weight, you can cut additional calories from your diet by drinking fresh juices.

To drink fresh juices, you should invest in a blender or juicer.

You can purchase a good juice from the market at a reasonable price.

If you want to puree vegetables and fruits, you can invest in a good blender. A blender proves helpful to make ice creams, drinks, salad dressings, sauces, creamy dips, and smoothies.

After making juice or blend, make sure to drink it instantly to avoid oxidation.

You can freeze them in your fridge for almost 30 minutes in airtight containers.

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