I Analyzed 108 Juicing Recipes. Here are the Most Effective Ones for Cancer Prevention and Weight Loss


Have you ever wondered which are the best juice recipes?

Have you sat and tried to figure out which recipes are the most popular for their helpful benefits?

Have you ever wanted to make some juice, but couldn’t decide on which recipe to make?

If so, this is the perfect article for you!

These are the results of an analysis of 108 juice recipes from juicerecipes.com.

It’ll help you understand the differences between different types of juice better, and will give you an idea of the types of juice that are most popular right now. It’ll help you decide what are the most helpful kinds of different health reasons.

There are some types of juice that are best for cancer prevention. These results will help you understand which juices are the best in that category.

There are also some juices that are extra helpful for weight loss. Are you hoping to lose a few pounds? If so, the results of that section would be most helpful for you.

If you’re looking for ways to include more fiber in your diet, there’s a whole separate section on juice recipes that are perfect for giving you more fiber.

Whether you’re wanting help juicing for some of those health reasons, or you’re just wanting to learn more about juicing in general, you’ll be interested in the results of the analysis. 108 is a lot of different kinds of juice! 

Read on to discover what was learned.

Most Popular Ingredients

Most Preferred Single Ingredients

Have you ever wanted to make juice for a friend or family member of yours?

If so, you’ve gone through having the question running through your mind of what type of juice you should make for them. If they don’t tell you their likes or dislikes, how do you know which type of juice they’ll enjoy?

Although everyone is different and has their own personal likes and dislikes, there are some types of ingredients that large numbers of people really enjoy having in their juice. If you hope to make juice for someone and aren’t sure of their juice ingredient preferences, try making juice out of some of the most popular ingredients! Most likely, they’ll love the juice and be running back to you for more.

Here are the most popular ingredients, listed in order of preference. The first ones are the favorites that are least popular. They are still loved, but not asked for quite as often. The last ingredients listed are the ones most people would love to have in their juice every day of the week!

Most Preferred Ingredient Pairings

Do you have a hard time figuring out which juice ingredients go best with each other? It’s important to decide on! After all, even if you know the most popular ingredients, they aren’t all necessarily going to taste good together. Sometimes, you could have two perfectly delicious ingredients that get mixed together and it ends up tasting terrible.

The key to a delicious juice is taking the very best ingredients, and pairing them with an ingredient that compliments it. You want to put ingredients together that make the other ingredient shine. Want some ideas? The following is a list of the most popular juice ingredient pairings. They are listed least favorite to most favorite.

Most Preferred Ingredient Combinations of 3

10 Most Preferred Ingredients (Triple)

Although you can have juice recipes with only two ingredients, it’s most common to have more than two ingredients in a recipe. After all, if you’re going to drink juice, you might as well have the most ingredients combined to make it even more delicious and helpful to your body!

The following is a list of the most popular ingredient combinations with 3 ingredients. They are listed in order from least favorite to most favorite.

Most Preferred Ingredient Combinations of 4

10 Most Preferred Ingredients (Quadruple)

Of course, it’s only natural to think that if you’re combining 3 ingredients in order to make juice even more delicious and nutritious, having a combination of 4 ingredients is even better! All the delicious flavors can mix together to create a complex and addicting drink, full of healthy benefits that’ll be sure to impress your friends and family alike.
The following is a list of the most popular ingredient combinations with 4 ingredients. They are listed in order from least favorite to most favorite.

Most Effective Recipes for Cancer Prevention

Are you looking for ways to guard against getting cancer? One great way to do that is to drink juice and eat food that has healthy ingredients that have cancer-fighting properties. The following two recipes are great examples of what to look for in order to stop yourself from getting cancer.

Fresh Salsa

While salsa is not strictly a juice, it can be made in a juicer. Salsa is quite healthy and can help you fight against developing cancer. If you have a hard time eating healthy, this could be the answer for you! Salsa is easy to eat on it’s own with a few tortilla chips, or it can be added to a variety of other foods for an extra bit of spice.

Fresh Salsa

This next recipe is a more typical juice recipe. It’s stuffed full of all kinds of fruits and vegetables! The fruits in the recipe help make it taste a bit more like a typical fruit juice while still including several healthy veggies for added nutrition.

Most Effective Recipes for Weight Loss

Are you looking for ways to lose weight? Juicing is an excellent way to do so! There are quite a few juice recipes available to help you in your weight loss journey. To help you narrow down which are the best recipes to choose, the following list is a list of recipes that are the lowest calorie juice recipes. They are listed highest calorie to lowest calorie.

Lowest Calorie Recipes

  • Lowest-Calorie Recipes

Lowest Calorie Juicing Recipe

Juice Recipes with the Highest Dietary Fiber Per Calorie

Are you looking for a juice recipe that can give you the most amount of fiber per calorie? If so, you’ll be excited to see this next list of recipes! Check out the list below. The recipes are arranged in order of least fiber to most fiber. They’d be a healthy way to add some good fiber to your diet!

Highest Dietary Fiper Per Calorie Recipes

  • Dietary Fiber (g) / Calorie

Highest Dietary Fiber Per Calorie Recipe

Highest Dietary Fiber per Calorie Recipe

Final Thoughts

Have you picked out which juices you want to try first? What about the first juice you want to make for your friends and family? Whatever you choose out of any of these lists, they’re sure to be a help to your health!

It’s interesting seeing what’s most popular out of all the juicing recipes. While people do enjoy drinking sweet fruit juices, it’s also quite popular to include ingredients that are not your typical “sweet fruit juice” type ingredients. For example, spinach was one of the most popular ingredients! It’s not an ingredient you would likely think of when thinking of juice, however, it’s quite a popular food item to add to juice.

If you haven’t yet ventured into the world of drinking juice that has a bit of spinach or celery mixed in, try it out! You may be surprised to find you like them in juice! After all, both are listed as some of the most popular juice ingredients.

Have fun deciding what types of juice you want to make first! With so many options, you have a lot to go through. Even consider making some of your own recipes out of the lists of preferred juicing ingredients. You may come up with some delicious and healthy combinations! You’ll be a juicing expert in no time at all!

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