12 Best Juicing Books – Excellent Sources for a Healthy Lifestyle


I’m sure you’ll agree that deciding which book on juicing to buy is a difficult decision.

So many people have written books on juicing!

How do you know which are truly the best books?

There are fruit juice books, vegetable juice books, weight loss juice books, dieting juice books, juice recipe books, green juice books…and that’s just to name a few!

I understand your dilemma.

No one wants to spend their money or time on a book that frankly won’t fit their needs. And, most people don’t have the time or desire to go researching about all the available books to choose the best one.

You just want a good juicing book! Does it have to be this hard?

Actually, no.

I’ve done the work for you!

I’ve researched around so you can sit back and decide after this quick read which are the top juicing books for your specific needs.

As you read through all the options, think through what you want from juicing and what types of juice you’re interested in making.

If you’re not sure yet, choose one of the juicing books for beginners!

After reading through one of those, you may well decide you want another one focused specifically on one certain juicing topic.

Or, you may even want to just go ahead and get several books on several juicing topics right from the beginning.

After all, the more well read you are on the subject, the better equipped you’ll be to decide for yourself what type of juice is best for you.

By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of the best juicing books available, and you’ll be armed with the necessary information to choose which one covers the information that will benefit you.

Enjoy the read! And get ready to be excited. There’s so much information out there!

As you feed your mind with the writing from any of these excellent authors, you’ll be preparing yourself to begin your journey to a healthy, happy future.

Juicing Books to Guide Beginning Juicers

I’ve heard it said that the beginning is a very good place to start, and juicing is no exception!

If you are just starting out in your juicing adventure, it would be an excellent idea to buy or borrow a juicing book designed specifically for people like you who don’t yet have much-juicing experience.

If you jump straight into juicing before knowing what you’re doing, you may make the mistake of buying a juicer that doesn’t properly fit your needs or make juice that you frankly don’t enjoy drinking.

What’s so bad about making a juice that’s not very good?

Honestly, I’ve heard of that simple problem scaring off many people. They think because the first juice they tried wasn’t good, none of the others will be either.

However, their problem was that they were starting with the wrong juice. Most of them just made of their own juicing recipe rather than depending on a juicing expert to give them ideas.

Buying a juicing book for beginners will greatly reduce your potential of making a juice you do not enjoy.

Juicing books, particularly the ones focused on beginners, are full of delicious recipes for people who aren’t yet used to a juicing lifestyle.

Do yourself a favor and learn from them before stepping out on your own!

The following books are some of the best juicing books for beginners.


#1 – Juicing for Beginners

Juicing for Beginners: The Essential Guide to Juicing Recipes and Juicing for Weight Loss

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This book, obviously, is written specifically for beginners.

This is an excellent guide for those of you wanting to learn how to juice, as well as specifics on how to pick out the perfect juicer for you. They’ll go into information on why certain ingredients are good to use, as well as tasty recipes to combine those ingredients.

One of my favorite things about books on juicing for beginners is that these type of books offer a pretty broad view of the juicing world. Rather than just focusing on one specific aspect of juicing, it gives you a helpful look at everything all at once.

This type of book is great for helping you decide if there’s a certain aspect of juicing that you’re interested in and would like to look at even closer.


#2 – A Beginners Guide to Juicing

A Beginners Guide To Juicing: 50 Recipes To Detox, Lose Weight, Feel Young, Look Great And Age Gracefully (The Juicing...

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Another excellent choice for those just starting out learning to juice, this book lays out the basics of juicing in a compelling way. It shows you reasons why it would be helpful for you to start juicing, and it offers helpful nutritional information. It also includes delicious recipes you can start off making immediately.


#3 – The Juice Habit Made Easy

The Juice Habit Made Easy: with tips, tricks & healthy fruit & vegetable recipes (The Personal Detox Coach's Simple Guide...

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This last book is helpful for those of you wanting to start juicing and keep juicing.

It gives you ideas how to form a habit of juicing that will stick around and benefit you for years to come. It makes juicing less of a complicated matter and more of a simple action you can do every day to improve your life.

Any of these three books would be well worth your time and money as you begin juicing. They’ll help you build a strong foundation for your juicing journey.

If you start out juicing already understanding the differences in juicers, the benefits of juicing, and ways of making juicing an easy habit to keep, you’ll be much more likely to succeed at becoming a long term juicer.

If you understand exactly how juicing is good for you, it’ll also help you in explaining to others why you’re doing it. Before too long, you may be loaning out your book to your friends to help them start a juicing journey of their own!

Be sure to do your research before jumping straight into making juice. You want to be sure you know what you’re getting into so you can prepare yourself by buying any necessary equipment and ingredients. You don’t want to make the mistake of buying the wrong type of juicer or ingredients for a juice that isn’t all that healthy or tasty. Any of these books would be a benefit to you.

Juicing Books to Help You Lose Weight

Juicing for losing weight is a popular idea! I’ve personally had several friends choose to juice in order to lose a few pounds. The best juicing books for weight loss help you do it in a healthy way so you can still get the nutrients you need while losing weight. You want to be healthier after losing weight, not sick from lack of nutrients!

Also, reading juicing books focused on weight loss is helpful because many of them are written by people who used to weigh more than was healthy, and then they lost it from drinking juice. Since they’ve gone through it themselves and have a story to tell about their fight for a healthy weight and lifestyle, their books are a huge motivation to those who are still in the fighting stage. Having a friend, even a friend you’re just reading about, to go through the struggle with you can be a huge encouragement.

#4 – The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet

The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet: Lose Weight, Get Healthy and Feel Amazing

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This book is written by Joe Cross. Sound familiar? This guy had a documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. It was released in 2010 and quickly became a worldwide sensation. Joe Cross juicing books are excellent because he has experienced what many others are going through. He knows what it’s like to weigh more than he’d like and to be suffering from bad health. He takes his experience and knowledge and shares it with others through his writing.

This book is one of the best juicing books because it is not only an inspirational read, but it also includes practical information on how to lose weight through juicing. Joe gives diet plans as well as recipes to help you put your best foot forward as you continue your weight loss journey.


#5 – Juicing for Weight Loss

Juicing for Weight Loss: A Simple 4-Week Plan to Finally Ditch the Pounds Forever!

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Another of the top juicing books to lose weight, this one is also written by someone who went through the struggle of trying to lose weight. Jessica Lee had been “chubby” most of her life and, after many different supplements, drugs, and diets she decided to try healthy juicing to lose weight. It worked! She’s now put together a book with a very simple, clear plan of what you should do to lose weight through juicing.


#6 – Juicing (5th Edition): 7-Day Juicing for Weight Loss Recipes

Juicing (5th Edition): 7-Day Juicing For Weight Loss Recipes: Cleanse & Detox Your Body

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This book is one of the best books on juicing for health. It’s an excellent read, full of information on how to detox and cleanse your body with juice. It not only shows you how to lose weight but also how to live a healthier life.

The author also talks about which vitamins are in different foods. The vitamin explanation is quite useful for making sure you’re consuming all the nutrients your body needs.

If you’re hoping to lose weight through juicing, be sure to do your research by reading one (or all!) of these books. You need to be very careful not to harm yourself unintentionally by juice dieting the wrong way.

The books written by people who have gone through the struggle of losing weight themselves are especially helpful. Those books generally are written with more empathy than books written by people who don’t have the experience of struggling with weight. If you’re wanting to be guided by someone who understands what you’re going through, those types of books would be your best bet.

Juicing Books to Give You Delicious Healthy Juice Recipes

The more delicious and varied your juice recipes are, the more exciting and healthy your juicing journey will be. More healthy? Absolutely! You see, the more you vary your recipes and include different types of fruits and vegetables, the more nutrients you’ll be giving your body. Also, the more varied the recipes are, the more flavors you’ll be able to test out and enjoy. It’s a win-win situation!

But, how do you come up with juice recipes? After all, there are tons of different types of fruits and vegetables! How do you know which ones make the healthiest combinations? And which ones taste the best together? Which ones taste absolutely horrible together? To help others out, several different people have put together books with some amazing tasting juices.

Rather than stumbling around in the dark, trying to make up your own recipes, you can go through their books for some amazing recipes. And, to help you out, I’ve listed my favorite three of those books below.


#7 – The Big Book of Juices

The Big Book of Juices: More Than 400 Natural Blends for Health and Vitality Every Day

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Oh. My. Goodness. This book is absolutely incredible! If you’re looking for a book of recipes, this one definitely will not disappoint you! It has recipes for fruit and vegetable juices, and not only that, but it also includes smoothies and quenchers. It has a total of over 400 recipes!

The book is one of the best juicing books as it sorts the recipes by ingredients, nutrients, and health benefits. It’s a great way to make things easier on yourself by providing you with all the information you need to make good healthy juices to meet your nutritional requirements.

Also, The Big Book of Juices is simply a beautiful book. It’s one you could put on your coffee table, just as full of gorgeous pictures as it is of helpful information.


#8 – 101 Juice Recipes

101 Juice Recipes

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Another book from Joe Cross, star of “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead,” this one is just as full as his previously mentioned book of helpful information. Just like the title says, it has 101 juice recipes, and similarly to The Big Book of Juices, this book also contains plenty of pictures (101 pictures in this case!).

Joe is quite the expert in juicing so if you’re wanting recipes from someone who’s had a lot of experience with trying to make his life healthy again through juicing, this is a great choice for you. Also, this book is spiral bound, making things easy for you if you’re juicing while reading the recipe. No worries about the pages flipping back together!


#9 – The Juicing Bible

The Juicing Bible

$6.60 24.95
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The first edition of this book won an award and has over 700,000 copies in print. Already a bestseller, they’ve enhanced this second edition by including 16 additional photos. There are over 300 recipes for juices, digestives, teas, smoothies, frozen treats, and more.

This recipe book even goes into detail about many different health concerns and explains how certain foods can combat the different conditions. The author also gives helping advice on how to store different ingredients. It’s written in a knowledge, supportive way.

Some of the absolute top juicing books are the ones that are focused just on recipes. Once you get the hang of juicing and know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how to do it, juice recipe books help you keep going. They are great for keeping yourself motivated and to keep yourself from falling into the trap of getting bored with your juices. If you’re constantly changing which juices you make, you’ll have no reason to get bored!

Juicing Books to Help You With Green Juicing

Since we’ve already covered several different types of juicing books that would likely include green juicing somewhere within their pages, why focus specifically on green juicing here? Honestly, green juice is such an in depth topic if you want to drink a lot of green juices, it would be helpful for you if you have books specifically focused on green juices. You have to be committed to deciding to drink green juice consistently.

I’ll be the first to admit, if I’m given the choice of cranberry apple juice or some kind of green juice, I automatically want to choose the cranberry apple. It looks better! And frankly, it sounds like it tastes better. However, what sounds like it tastes best isn’t always the case. I’ve had some juices that were quite green that still tasted just as delicious as any straight up fruit juice. The key to making good green juice is that you have to have the right combination of ingredients.

If you can get over the look of it (it’s green!) and if you can convince yourself to try it, I’m quite sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you don’t like it, rather than completely throwing the option away, look to see if there’s a different flavor combination you would rather try. Green juice is incredibly healthy! I highly recommend giving it a try. The following books are quite helpful in showing you how to get started on the green juice wagon.


#10 – The Healthy Green Drink Diet

The Healthy Green Drink Diet: Advice and Recipes to Energize, Alkalize, Lose Weight, and Feel Great

$3.39 16.95
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This book provides a beautiful, simple look at drinking green juice. It’s not a large book, so if you’re intimidated by a book with tons of pages and boatload of information the thinness of this volume will appeal to you.

Thin or not, though, it does provide its readers with excellent information and quite a few recipes to get you happily drinking green.


#11 – Simple Green Smoothies

Simple Green Smoothies: 100+ Tasty Recipes to Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Feel Great in Your Body

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73 used from $5.82
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I know, I know, it says smoothies, not juice. It’s beneficial though to include an occasional smoothie in with your juice drinking since it provides you with a way to include a few additional nutrients through the extra fiber that you would be missing if you only drank juice.

This book follows along with two moms, Jen and Jadah, as they show you how to get on a healthy path for your life. They provide you with delicious recipes, helpful advice, and friendly encouragement all within the pages of their book. They even include a section for kid-friendly recipes!


#12 – Green Juicing Diet

Green Juicing Diet: Green Juice Detox Plan for Beginners—Includes Green Smoothies and Green Juice Recipes

Last update was in: November 8, 2018 11:52 pm

This book covers both green juices and green smoothies, so you get the best of both worlds! It gives great advice on improving your health and provides step-by-step guidance for beginning your own green juicing journey.

A diet isn’t just about losing weight (although it can be quite effective for that!). Dieting is also about simply improving your way of life and being healthy. Green juicing diets are particularly good for improving people’s’ health because green juices and smoothies provide so many nutrients to help our bodies function how they were created to function. This is another excellent book!

If you’re wanting to drink green, I highly recommend getting a book specifically for those wanting to drink green. It’ll help you stay motivated if you have something to remind you of the benefits of what you’re doing, and it’s also very helpful to have a fresh mind (or book!) that will provide you with recipes you might not have thought of on your own. And, the pictures alone in many of these books are the great inspiration to go out and get some beautiful vegetables and fruits of your own!

Take Away Thoughts

As you look back over everything we’ve talked about in this article, I hope you’re inspired and excited to do juicing of your own. There are so many people out there who want to help you have a healthy diet and drink your way to a healthier lifestyle. Take advantage of the books that are available and learn from others successes and mistakes. Read through recipes and keep your eyes open for ones that you think you would have a particular taste for.

And be brave! You may think some recipes don’t sound particularly good at first, but if you give them a try I’m guessing you’ll likely be quite pleasantly surprised. It’s amazing what a bit of fruit can do with a bunch of vegetables to make them taste delicious and rather addictive! Juicing is such a good, helpful way to be giving your body the nutrients it needs while also giving your tastebuds a treat.

Congratulations on deciding to make the step to juice! You should be proud of how you’re willing to take the step to care for yourself. And, who knows? Maybe as your friends and family see the benefits juicing is providing for your life they’ll decide they want to start juicing for themselves. After all, the benefits are huge and long lasting!

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